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100 Civics Questions PowerPoints
Documents on U S Stamps
Questions #26-50
Questions #51-75
Questions #76-100
Scrambled Hard Questions
U.S. Map
20 Preguntas para Los Viejos

People on US Money
People on US Stamps

States on Stamps 1
States on Stamps 2
States on Stamps 3
Territories, Rivers, Oceans on Stamps
U.S. Passport
Wars on Stamps

Famous People PowerPoints
Abraham Lincoln
Christopher Columbus
Benjamin Franklin
Francis Scott Key
George Washington
Martin Luther King, Jr.
St. Patrick

Holidays PowerPoints
Columbus Day
Fathers Day
Flag Day

Fourth of July
Labor Day

Martin Luther King Day
Memorial Day
New Year's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Veterans Day

American Symbols PowerPoints
The Great Seal
Independence Hall
God Bless America

Liberty Bell
Pledge of Allegiance
Star Spangled Banner
Satue of Liberty
The White House


Reading & Writing Practice
Reading & Writing Practice 2
Reading & Writing Practice 3

Reading & Writing Practice 4
Reading & Writing Practice 5
Dictation Exercise--How Many Words 1
Dictation Exercise--How Many Words 2
Dictation Exercise--Forming Yes-No Questions 1
Dictation Exercise--Forming Yes-No Questions 2
Dictation Exercise--Adding Function Words

Other PowerPoints

Form N-400
Small Talk with some N-400 Questions
New N-400 Questions 1
New N-400 Questions 2
New N-400 Questions 3