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The activities, worksheets, & games on this page are from the 100 questions on Civics and History.
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Practice Civics Test

1800 to Present Crossword
American Leaders Crossword
President's Cabinet Crossword

Presidents Crossword

Memory Games
American Government Memory Game
Dates Memory Game
Events Memory Game
Numbers Memory Game
People Memory Game
Questions Memory Game

Alphabetize Cabinet Officers
Placing Wars in Order
Putting Events in Order
100 Questions Scrambled Sentencess

Other Activities
Indian Tribe Word Search
Match Persons with Accomplisments
Names Matching Game

President's Cabinet Word Chop
Presidents' Cabinet Word Search
People on U.S. Money
People on U.S. Stamps
States on Stamps 1
Territories, River, Oceans on Stamps
War on Stamps

Which President Am I?