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Famous People    &    Holidays

     People                                                                 Holidays
                                                                                     Holidays & Months
     Abraham Lincoln                                           Holiday Memory Game
Abraham Lincoln Crossword                              Holday Word Chop

     Benjamin Franklin                                                   Christmas
Alphabetize Franklin Facts                                   Birth of Jesus

Benjamin Franklin Crossword                            Christmas Story
Franklin Fill-in

     Francis Scott Key                                                              Easter
Francis Scott Key Crossword                            
Easter Crossword
Easter Fill-in
     Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King Crossword
Martin Luther King Picture Match



  Fourth of July--Independence Day         American Independence Day

  Memorial Day          Memorial Day Crossword (puzzle)
                                    Memorial Day Crossword (answers)
                                    Memorial Day Matching
   New Year's Day      New Year's Day Crossword
   Thanksgiving     Thanksgiving Vocab. Word Chop

   Veterans Day    Veterans Day Crossword & Activities